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Just picked up my 2012 Terrain, in 24hrs I've driven 159 miles mostly highway. I just love this car so far.
Anyway, I test drove a 2011 Terrain and noticed the XM radio had the BEST of Sirius channels active ( Howard Stern etc. ).

Today I tried to tune to XM channel 100 for Howard it's greyed out. I called the people at XM and told them that, the women had no reponse on why the 2011 model on the lot had it and my 2012 didn't. Happy story here, she created a account for me and added the channels I was asking about. The woman also without me asking started my 3 month trial effective today instead of yesterday.

I'm not sure what happend and why the Best of Sirius package wasn't included the first time ( you would think show you everything ).

I was wondering is the normal?
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