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XM question for XM users

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I have to say that I have never used XM (or other) satellite radio, the Terrain came with a 30? day trial and my wife and I are loving it! We actually bought a quarterly subscription.
The question is: Can I buy a portable XM receiver and listen to the good music at home too? Maybe listen to it while driving my other car?

I need to understand is the subscription allows to have more than one device registered (one being the terrain + other). I googled that but I can't find a clear answer...

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Yes, you can get a portable XM receiver for your home or one for a vehicle. It is just added to your XM radio account for additional cost. Look on the XM Radio web page and they sell them as well as most large stores.
Another option is XM radio online.
I stream XM through my computer and feed it to the amp that runs the speakers in my basement and backyard.
My wife and I both had the XM Roady before we bought the Equinox. I transfered my account from the Roady to the XM in the Nox and my wife still has her Roady. I use her radio in my truck when I have to use it and I have the portable holder to use while riding the John Deere cutting the grass. The sub account as I recall in only $4.95 a month and well worth it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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