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I bought a "wireless carplay adapter" dongle from Amazon. It cost 124 bucks and just took a week to arrive. After fooling around for at least two hours trying to get it to pair with my 2021 Terrain I gave up and ordered a CarlinKit from, model CPC200 U2W Plus for $89. However, It took a full month to arrive.

Usually stuff like this works and any problems are most frequently associated with the new owner not connecting it properly or not following the directions. In this case the instructions were vague and not well translated from Chinese, so I consulted Al Gore's wonderful Internet but I didn't find much help. Eventually I decided there was either a compatibility problem or the unit was defective.

The second unit arrived in a couple of weeks but it took all of 30 seconds to pair it up and get it working perfectly.

The two units appear to be identical. I suspect they're all made in the same Chinese factory.

Perhaps my first unit is not compatible with IOS-15, which is what I have on my iPhone, or perhaps it's simply defective. It seems to me that getting the correct unit is something of a crap shoot so look into the company exchange policy before you purchase.

Other than the long-time for shipping, I'm completely happy with my first CarlinKit unit. It works great.
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