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Stock Tire - 235/60R17 Tire 1 - 235/65R17

Section Width: 9.25 in 235 mm Section Width: 9.25 in 235 mm

Rim Diameter: 17 in 431.8 mm Rim Diameter: 17 in 431.8 mm

Rim Width Range: 6.5 - 9 in Rim Width Range: 6.5 - 8.5 in

Overall Diameter: 28.10 in 713.74 mm Overall Diameter: 29.02 in 737.10 mm

Sidewall Height: 5.55 in 140.97 mm Sidewall Height: 6.01 in 152.65 mm

Radius: 14.05 in 356.87 mm Radius: 14.51 in 368.55 mm

Circumference: 88.27 in 2242.0 mm Circumference: 91.16 in 2315.4 mm

Revs per Mile: 740.2 Revs per Mile: 716.7

Actual Speed: 60 mph 100 km/h Speedometer1: 58.0 mph 96.8 km/h

Speedometer Difference: - Speedometer Difference: 3.278% too slow

Diameter Difference: - Diameter Difference: 3.18%

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3 Technicalities...

1) Major Reputable Tire shops do not recommend changing 3% or more in size due to brake capabilites.

2) I don't know the available wheel well space on your '09 or the width of your rim

3) Actual tire measurements vary slightly from each Manufacturer

So without commiting to answering your question directly with a definate yes or no...
and taking note that the figures I posted are "generic" in nature

The overall increase in diameter is 0.92 inch 23.36mm

The overall radius increase is 0.46 inch

If your rims fall within the recommended range and you correct your speedo error
because there appears to be no difference in the Section Width

You will more than likely be ok
(I'm just not going to give you an absolute)
(If it were me I would try it though)


Edit: Also take into consideration the use of chains for winter driving and possible contact between tire and inner fender skirts under Full Suspension Compression and possible minor reduced turning radius...these are the things that are discovered thru trial and error

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Also keep in mind the Load Rating capacity and how it compares to the OEM size.

Do you have TPM sensors?

Are the new tires TPM rated?

Have you already consulted a shop ( or someone ) and are getting confilcting information?

There are reasons why installing even a slightly larger size is not recommended...including but not limited to the ABS operation

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Basically I was just wondering because I bought retread tires for my other SUV, and they are great, and cost a lot less than new tires.

I wanted to do the same for the Equinox, but the company doesn't carry the tire size that originally came with my nox.

Thanks for your help!
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