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Which Tires came on your terrain

Which tires on your Terrain

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Noticed that some of the terrains are coming with different tires, even in the same size configuration. Just curious as to which are more prevelant.
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I have the Hankooks on ours. Fair tire wear poor wet tractions and fair in snow.

I will replace mine with Goodyear Assurance Triple Treads CUV tires. They make one for this vehicle now. We have been using these on out GTP, My HHR SS in the winter and our old SSEI and they have had great wear and traction wet, dry and snow have been amazing. It is rare to get a tire to do all three things.

The last two sets of Michelins I have had I would not put on my kid wagon. The last set I have had were the Pilots on the HHR they are not cheap and had fair dry traction and no wet traction even though they were claimed to be all season. Wear was fair.

To be honest most OE tires are crap as no MFG wants to pay much for them. Most are lower quality or they are older models that do not have the latest technology.

Now on a few models you will get the latest tires like a ZR1 or the Volt as the tires are needed to compliment the handling or performance of the car. Like the Volt GM is willing to pay more for the Fuel Max tires as they have good grip and will get a few more miles of driving on a charge.
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baggedmaro25 said:
I have firestones now terrain only has 500 miles but out of all the tires mentioned goodyear seems popular. I have worked at discount tire for 7 years and have yet to see any triple treads reach their mileage. We have a saying in the stores good for a year. I would suggest Michelin but for the price I would do yokohama yk580s or nitto motivos. I have the nitto tires on my 20's on the terrain and have been very pleased so far but very new still.
I got 60K out of two sets. The SSEI was sold before we hit that mark but we had a lot of tread left at 40K and The HHR I use them for winter and have 4 winters on them so far and they have plenty of miles left on them.

Even if they got poorer miles the winter and wet traction is worth it.

My Hankooks may not even make 40K.
baggedmaro25 said:
k isn't bad but they are rated for 80k but you are correct in the traction aspect its what the tire was built for and it does perform in that aspect just always wears on the shoulders faster than it should. But hopefully the new triple treads which have been redesigned are better in that aspect.
Keep in mind I do not run them till they are to the tread indicators and few tires make the total miles as hard as I and the wife drive them. Both cars were supercharged and one is turbo so we can be a litter harder on them than on a Cobalt etc. Between Cornering, Launching and hard stopping we work them hard.

Keep in mind the tires that came on the GTP were Comp TA Radials that had great dry traction, fair wet and wore out about 25K.

A lot of tire wear also amounts to how you drive and how well you rotate and air them up. I generally get good even wear just normally shorter than the miles as we drive them hard and little on the highway.
nesconset said:
19" Hankook tires. Unhappy to notice they were made in China
Where they are made has no effect on them. They are just Cheap tires. Most other companies also make tires there of equal quality they have if they are made here or Europe.

Many people do not realize even tires like the Pirellis on the Camaro are made in Brazil as it is cheaper to make.

The Hankooks are junk just because they are cheap Hankooks.

Most OE tires are now made outside the country as they are often older models tires or cheaper brands as OE mfg. do not want to pay anything for the tires. Many MFG have left the market as they do not like the reputation of poor cheap tires in the public hands and not make any money on top of it. This is why companies like Hankook and Pirelli are now in the market that were not a part of before.

Note even the Michelins often are older model tires and not the best they sell. Goodyear has pretty much left the market unless they can make money on a higher end car or special needs car like the ZL1 or Volt where the MFG will pay more for the tires to get what they offer. It is said the Goodyears on the Volt have good grip but the Fuel max adds miles to the electric charge. GM and Toyota are willing to pay extra.
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Might check as I am sure there is even a better Michelin offered if you want to stay with that brand. Warning all are over priced. My Old crappy Pilots were almost $200 on my Chevy.
Now at the HHR web site the OE Firestones are one of the most hated tires ever. The best upgrade for any HHR is to dump the Stones.

To be fair they are an old design and a cheap tire but they do more damage to Firestone than good.
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