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my wife is picking up her 10 terrain slt fwd this weekend

i have a set of 16inch pontiac torrent alluminum wheels with almost new snow tires.....the overall diamter of the 16" wheels and tires has the same overall diameter as the stock terrain 17" wheels and tires

my question, will the 16inch torrent rims properly fit the terrain?

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You can go to and enter the info for your Torrent and click on wheels and it will give you the bolt pattern size. I just did it for an 08 Torrent and the size is 5x115. The Terrain has a bolt pattern of 5x120. So I would say, they won't fit.
&*^% that sucks......thx for the info.....i still cant believe that in canada there are no good deals on the terrain....I guess I am used to getting 10k+ when I buy a truck
Employee pricing on remaining 2010's. More than $2000 off in Canada right now. Here is website:


See less See more discounts were 4200 plus a few accessories
Thats not a good deal?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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