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Wheels/Tires AWD V6

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We are looking to get snow tires with dedicated wheels. I really dont want to use 18" wheels. Has anyone tried to put 17" on their 6Cylinder? Will they fit over the breaks?

If not I will gladly do the research and testing and post what I find.


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17'' should fit since some models come with the 17'' from the factory I believe 2.4l and 3.0 doesnt change the caliper specs its all the same. Call tirerack
After some research and a bit of trial and error I did some legwork for all of us.

I needed some winter wheels and tires for my SLT-1 V6 AWD and here is what I wound up with:
MSR 090
- 17x7.5
- 5x120mm bolt pattern
- offset: +35

Wheel Nuts (Stock wont fit)
McGard Lugnuts
Spline Drive
c/w wheel locks

Good Year Ultra Grip Ice

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Ordered from dealer (looks like

I appoligise for the quality, I used my camera phone.



Remove Center Caps
Torque wheels to 125ft/lbs



Calibrate TPMS
& Retorque Wheels after 100km

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^ how much $$$ ? I was quoted around $1,250 CAD, without the TPMS. Can't recall the brand of tire, although I believe it was Goodyear.

I didn't want to subject my 19" rims to all the salt!!

Although... I still don't have my Terrain. Was built on the 5th of November and sitting waiting for shipment ever since then... Great customer service, GM!!
I got a bit of a deal. I figure I was about $1,500 CAD for everything mentioned above.
We just had some Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1s (their newest model of winter tire) slapped onto the OEM 18's, worlds of difference in the snow over the OEM all seasons. Quite expensive though, all in all I paid about $870.00 CAD shipped from the TireRack. Didn't bother to look for winter wheels, as we're just going to use the OEM's for winter and pick up some aftermarket 19's for summer.
We thought about doing that with our stock 18's (I don't even like them), but I wanted as narrow of a tire as possible for better traction. You will be very happy with the blizzaks. They are IMO the best snow tire available (Not the WS-60 they are nothing special). The Nokian Hakkapeliita would be a close second.
I havent bought a terrain/equinox yet, doing my research first... Big rims do nothing for me except decrease how smooth the ride is, increase how expensive tires are for it, and make me feel pimpish. Going to ask my tire guy today if 16" rims will fit on this with taller side walls.
Good luck getting them over the breaks. There is not very much clearance with a 17", which is why I went that route.
Anyone ever find out if a 16" wheel will fit and clear the brakes?
Danno said:
Good luck getting them over the breaks. There is not very much clearance with a 17", which is why I went that route.
Its BRAKES not Breaks
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