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Susan Docherty: We are launching the Terrain $1000 conquest to encourage non GM, non GMC buyers into the family .... as well as $1000 Loyalty offer to encourage Saturn, Pontiac, Buick, etc... to come and buy Terrain.

Susan Docherty: ...No plans for a Hybrid Terrain at this time. This vehicle gets an amazing 32 MPG on the highway with our 4 cylinder engine and does 4-5 miles better than our key competitors.

Susan Docherty: ...We need to launch the Acadia Denali first, then do our homework and see if [a Denali] makes sense for Terrain. Do you think it's a good idea?

Susan Docherty: ...SLT will comprise 50-60% of our volume. Our top trim, SLT2 starts under $30K which our target will find a great value (includes sunroof, chrome appearance package, standard rear viewing camera, power liftgate, standard OnStar, plus an amazing 5 year/100K powertrain warranty).

Susan Docherty: ...our 4 cylinder is teamed up with a six speed transmission to ensure the engine does a beautiful job. The horsepower is 182 which is equivalent to many 6 cylinders. I have driven it and it is great. Many journalists have driven it and could not tell the difference .... they thought they were driving a 6 cylinder model. Many have commented they'd prefer the 4 over the 6.

Susan Docherty: ...Eco is a different transmission electronic shift callibration, it tries to get you into a higher gear sooner for better fuel economy. Sounds like a great feature to me. By the way it doesn't sacrifice horsepower and when you step on it, it really goes.

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