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Voice Recognition with Nav Systems

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I have got the Voice Recognition working rather well with the Nav System..Limited but works..I have the Radio and CD player working as well..One drawback...I wish you could use Voice Recognition on The HDD and the USB plugin.....Thanks :(
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The voice recognition works for the radio??
^ Only with the navigation system.
I have the navigation system in my Terrain.
That means I am able to control the radio (assuming I figure out how)?
Radio Commands

Radio AM, radio [band] AM, radio
FM, radio [band] FM, radio XM,
radio [band] XM: These commands
instruct the system to go to either the
AM, FM, or XM (if equipped) radio

Radio select (frequency) AM, radio
select (frequency) FM: These
commands instruct the system to go
to a specific frequency on either the
AM or FM band. For example, radio
select ninety seven point one FM or
radio select ten forty AM.

Radio select (channel) XM: This
command instructs the system to go
to a specific channel on the XM™
band (if equipped). For example,
radio select one fifty one XM.

Radio [help]: This command
instructs the system to play back
some helpful advice about radio
commands, and some common
radio commands which are available
to the user
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Cool, thx I'll need to try this out
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