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VIN Decoder With Build Date

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My car is in its 10th year of operation with 137,000 miles. Wondering when I should have celebrated the anniversary I turned to the internet to find the build date.

I found this website:

Well laid out easy and easy to read. I find it a little suspicious it says my car was built on the first of the month I wonder if its only accurate to the month and makes up the day.
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Mine shows the 11th day of the month.
It correctly shows the 5th of the month for me.
Thanks for the tip!. I always knew my build month (Nov. 2012) from the door jam decal, but never knew the day (14th) Even clicked on the vin check link and found the original sales pic/info.
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Hello and welcome here, It's great that you were able to quickly and easily find out when your vehicle was built by using an online VIN decoder. Regarding your concern regarding the date's accuracy, it is possible that the online information is only accurate to the month and does not include the specific day. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that the build date is only a minor aspect of the vehicle's overall lifespan. The fact that it has been in operation for ten years and has 137,000 miles on it demonstrates how well you have maintained and taken care of it over time. If you keep up with the maintenance, your car should last you for many years.
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