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Well I got the car back Wednesday drove it for a few days, problem is still there.
I drove with the service manager in my car prior to leaving the dealership.
It was still pulling I tried to show him the angle of the steering wheel but of course sitting in the passenger seat the angle makes it hard to see.
He drove the car as well, and attributed the left directional pull to the wind.
We did drive the car on a road that is mainly surrounded by fields as this was the only place to get it up close/over 60mph to experience the veer. But alas I took the car and am driving now
I noticed it is doing it at slower speeds now too now, and now I am noticing an annoying popping sound from somewhere around (maybe under) the engine, it happens at lower speeds, higher speeds, especially over bumps and turns...any ideas on that.... I think I'm giving up the left veer thing for a while, I mean the car is not just over a month old (June 25) and its already been at the dealership for 6 business days.
I am in the same boat! I assume I hit a curb or from driving up a customers broken drive? I have paid for a front end alignment and went to another dealership that is owned by the same guy and had it redone since it was completed and given back without notifying me it was still pulling ! Still the same! Sent me back to dealer to check for possible steering computer chip (?) and when I went back the service agent stated at the original Chevrolet dealership he will need to keep it and access what may be causing it but stating it “probably is a bent tie rod “ and it’s going to take about 5 hours… gosh .. I have no faith in leaving it with them so I took it back and am going to book an appointment with a tire and wheel business that may actually want to fix it! The I think scares me from a service agent and he’s the guy typing notes in the system! I knew when I went to the Service Manager it was not going to be good! Now I am scared to have to ho back and leave it at Rincon Chevrolet … what should I do ? It’s a 2021 and too new to trade!! I will be killed if I try to buy another new one so soon but can’t stand driving it pulling like this! Mine also pulls to the left and I manhandle it trying to fight it!
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