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USB Port & a couple other questions...

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Got my new Carbon Black SLT-2 w/ Navi and Read Ent Sys. Working great so far. Quick question though - the USB port works great with my iTouch and iPhone. But if I connect a removable hard drive or USB stick it just says it can't read it. Anyone else have this issue?

I am getting XM Radio and XM Traffic alerts (I am in Toronto) but I don't get any of the weather info. Is this something that is just available in the US and not Canada?

Also, I heard from a few people that the Nox has express all window down from the remote feature (hold down unlock and all windows go down). I tried it on my Terrain and it didn't do anything. Maybe because it's -15c LOL and it only does it in the summer when it's hot?

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Thanks SnowItch! Great information
The weather info is optional with sirius xm. I think it is an additional $3 a month. Not worth it in my opinion, just listen to the radio for the forcast or your phone usually has free downloads (I use a blackberry).
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