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Welcome to TerrainForum!

As the premier tuner for both Theta and D2XX platform Cadillac SRX, Chevrolet Equinox, and GMC Terrain, we at TRIFECTA Performance have always done our best to keep the platform fresh and exciting - whether it be by developing useful and innovative features, or by supporting the latest aftermarket hardware.

For anyone unfamiliar with how our tuning works, we develop and maintain our own software and interface hardware for tuning the various GM models we support.




Developing our own tuning solution gives us the flexibility to locate and tune any parameter we need to, or in some cases, add our own custom code to the vehicles powertrain control modules!

We leverage this ability to deliver features like Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes, Performance AutoStop Mode, and others.


Beyond the software, we also perform in-house development of our products via a combination of long-term street and dyno tuning. This method ensures the quality and reliability of our products, and allows us to offer competitive pricing.


To that end, we have two simple service levels/price tiers:

TRIFECTA Advantage:


If your vehicle is stock, or has certain modifications which "just work" and do not require tuning, you can simply plug and play with our "canned" tune. Advantage customers receive full customer support for as long as they own their vehicle. Further customization is not offered at this tier, and the price reflects it. It is a great entry level option if you don't plan to modify the vehicle beyond just the tune.



If you have any mods which require tune customization, or have special requests, our Elite tier offers unlimited updates for mods/requests for as long as you own the vehicle.

There are no extra charges once you go Elite, and if you have Advantage already, you can simply upgrade to Elite for the difference in price at any time.

Regardless of which tier you choose, rest assured you’re getting a committed and dedicated support and service team to answer your questions, provide recommendation on mods, and provide any assistance you may need before, during, and after your purchase with TRIFECTA.

We are only a click away via the links in our signature!
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