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Trans slipping

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2011 Terrain 2.4l. Hard shifts from 3-4. When driving at 70 and I come up to a steep hill, it over revs as it is downshifting. Any suggestions?
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When was the last time that you changed your transmission ? I'd start there.
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Sam, pretty sure Rit was referring to the transmission fluid, not the unit itself. Would be helpful to know the overall miles on your Terrain and the service history if available also.
Thanks for correcting my error !
@Samhans : Let's hear the particulars on this 2.4L, like:

1.) How many miles on it?

2.) Did you buy it new? If not, how many miles have you put on it?

3.) Did it ever get the Piston Rings replaced (or even the Engine replaced) under the Class Action Suit?

4.) How about the Exhaust Manifold, has it cracked yet (or more than once)?

5.) How much Oil does it consume between Oil Changes?

6.) Are you in a cold-weather climate with this vehicle? If so, hope you have that breathable Oil Cap installed!

.... oh ... and why don't you update your Vehicle Details when you get a chance, so Members will have some of this information at their fingertips every time you post here ....


Link with Instructions:

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