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This is a cut&past from an article on MSN news todays.
OnStar subscribers can request location-based “Santa updates” on Christmas Eve by pressing the blue OnStar button in their car.

Santa's global route is trackable from 6 a.m. Eastern on Christmas Eve to 5 a.m. Christmas morning through OnStar data received in partnership with the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

NORAD has used its North Warning Radar System and geo-synchronous satellites with infrared sensors to monitor Santa's Christmas Eve travels for more than 54 years.

“OnStar adds another layer to the program,” NORAD spokesman James Graybeal said. “In addition to tracking Santa on the Web or by calling in to the operations center, it's neat that you can locate Santa by pushing a button in your car, wherever you are.”

People without an OnStar subscription can still follow Santa's tracks by dialing 877-HI-NORAD or visiting
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