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Thinking of Tinting Windows

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I am thinking of tinting my windshield and my side windows in the front on my new Terrain. I would like to match the tint with what I have on my back window. Has anyone matched up the tint on the back for the front windows and were you pleased with the results? I live in TN and the state law says 35% but would like 27%.
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I just tinted my windshield with a 3M Crystaline 70 and on the two front windows with a 3M Crystaline 40. The Crystaline 40 on the side windows would probably not be dark enough for you but you should check into the 3M Crystaline tint for your windshield. It's excellent at blocking heat and UV rays. You can get the Crystaline tint in an almost clear shade, a 90, or you can go as dark as a 40. As far as safety is concerned, adding tint to the windshield actually makes your vehicle safer. (assuming your not going too dark as it is illegal) If anything hits your windshield the tint adds an extra safety layer and the glass shards would also be contained and not come at your face.

Check out the 3M link...
The tint/film on my windshield (3M Crystaline) is virtually clear. I have it for the heat and UV reducing properties. With summer temps here in AZ pushing 115 I need all the help I can get.

And I wouldn't add tint/film just for the safety benefit alone but it does add an inner layer of protection. There is plastic in-between the layers of glass on a windshield but the tint/film adds a layer of protection on the inside. I work in a collision shop and I've seen many impacts to windshields and even things kicked up on the road going through windshields. If something hits your windshield with enough force, you will get glass coming at your face. Go visit the 3M web site and you can see the safety properties of installing tint/film on all windows.

With all that being said, I agree that adding darkness to the windshield is a bad idea, that's why I chose a virtually clear film.

It's also a little annoying that our windshields don't have the upper portion shaded.
equiNOX said:
3M makes some stuff that is 90% and blocks a huge amount of local shop had a cool setup with 4 heat lamps with a bunch of types of tint including the 3M Crystalline film.....they put a 90% film on there which is nearly clear and blocks nearly all the heat, i had a 40% put on my windshield and it cost with $285 with labor.....i have standard 3M film (5% on fronts 20% on rears) on all my other windows because the crystalline stuff is so expensive but it was well worth it for the windshield because so much heat comes in through there
The 3M Crystalline is good stuff. I went 70% on the windshield and 40% on the front doors. I live in the Phoenix area where it gets above 110 degrees often and I can say it works well.
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