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Thinking of Tinting Windows

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I am thinking of tinting my windshield and my side windows in the front on my new Terrain. I would like to match the tint with what I have on my back window. Has anyone matched up the tint on the back for the front windows and were you pleased with the results? I live in TN and the state law says 35% but would like 27%.
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18%. Just came back from tinting my nox. You can tint your windows as dark as u like witj the acceptionof front driver/passenger. Some states like nj and pa dont allow fronts to be tinted at all. However smoked fronts are allowed since the only way you can get those is mostly factory
A windshield is made in layers with film in middle for "safety reasons so there no need to tint windshield for safety reason. If someone hits me and has their windshield tinted i sure as hell gonna sue the pants off them cause by tinting their windshield they compromised my "safety"!!!
You must be talking about north jersey. I.e. jersey city or newark. Lol. I lived in edison nj now in pittsburgh. In nj you can always find a shop that will do anytjing for extra buck. Like pass inspections.lmao
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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