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Thinking of Tinting Windows

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I am thinking of tinting my windshield and my side windows in the front on my new Terrain. I would like to match the tint with what I have on my back window. Has anyone matched up the tint on the back for the front windows and were you pleased with the results? I live in TN and the state law says 35% but would like 27%.
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Just got mine done, 20% although Mi. law says you can only tint the top 4" of the front door windows :eek:hno:
arholmes said:
Just got back from the tint shop and had my front side windows tinted and they look fantastic!! I went with 18% to match the back windows and it makes the Terrain look so much better.
Yes it does ! When I look at one without tinted fronts now it just doesn't look "finished" to me now.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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