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Thinking of Tinting Windows

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I am thinking of tinting my windshield and my side windows in the front on my new Terrain. I would like to match the tint with what I have on my back window. Has anyone matched up the tint on the back for the front windows and were you pleased with the results? I live in TN and the state law says 35% but would like 27%.
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My buddy owns a tint shop in Austin. He tinted my fronts 35 to match the back that my dealership had done before I bought my ride. He said it won't be a problem. Truthfully, it's not that dark, but it's fine for me.

Windshield tinting is legal here. My buddy was telling me about it and said that he's so busy doing cars at $200 a pop. He said he has done several State Troopers' personal vehicles. I had never heard of this before and literally a couple miles from his shop one of the biggest car audio/tint shops had it displayed on their marquee. Windshield Tint, $200, come in for details. I'm sure it's legal for now until some nanny-state politician calls for legislation. My buddy says it's almost clear, but it blocks the heat from entering the vehicle. Pretty cool tech
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