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I just want to thank everyone on here for the help I've been able to get reading some of the posts on this forum. As a result, I ordered an SLT1 yesterday! Props to GM for winning over a lifetime Honda owner, with the 2010 Nox/Terrain, it seems as though GM has really stepped up their game! Test drove a 6 cylinder, and was impressed with how quiet it was. Overall, a really impressive vehicle. Looked at a Accord Crosstour and a CRV, and they weren't nearly as nice, and $4K or $5K more for a similarly equipped model. And this is coming from someone who really wanted to favor the CRV - I just couldn't!

I ordered an SLT1 with AWD and the 2.4, because everyone's been raving about how good the 4 cylinder is. The Terrain also ended up being cheaper than the Nox, when looking at the SLT1 trim. To get leather, you have to step up to the fully loaded Nox, which was a couple K more.

Only 2 minor gripes. GM, put block heaters in as standard, at least for vehicles shipping to Canada. Or at least include them in the purchase price for us Canadians. Considering the impressive standard features, I'm still baffled why I'm billed $100 every time for a block heater (don't worry, Honda does it too). Secondly, the bluetooth radio doesn't do stereo bluetooth (playing music over bluetooth) (at least as far as I could figure with the showroom model). C'mon guys, if you're going to include bluetooth, include the ability to play music over bluetooth (which all newer phones, eg. iphone, support). This is either disabled in the software of the radio, or GM opted to save $2.34 on a cheaper bluetooth chip in the radio. Cmon guys. At least there's aux and USB. No biggy though.

It's a factory order because of the config and the Jewel Merlot paint (red). It'll still be 2 or 3 months. :(
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