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As most of you know, when you own a small travel trailer ( 13' Scamp here) and do extensive camping, you need to store a lot of stuff and the small trailer just doesn't have room for it. This trip we simply put the rear seat down and used the same storage containers we previously used with our pickup (which is now sold). I want to use our back seat for passengers and therefore, I'm looking at being able to attach a roof top pod to my Terrain for for storing items during camping excursions and have a few questions.

1) Is the roof rack on the Terrain the exact same one as the Equinox? ( I've found the roof top attachment "foot pack, load bars, and fit kit from THULE, but they only list it for the Equinox)

2) Has anyone used the THULE system on their Terrain or Equinox? The following part numbers are the ones shown for the Equinox--430r= foot pack, rb43=load bars, th10=fit kit on their Terrain?

3) Anyone have other alternatives, other brands that have worked?

As usual, I really appreciate the time/information provided here. Thanks, Ron
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