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Terrain spotted on TV show "Medium" (to air Friday Nov. 6th 09)

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I spotted a Terrain on next week's (Nov 6th 09) preview episode of the CBS TV show "Medium". Not sure how much it will be shown, just noticed it in a very quick clip on the "scenes for next week" after last night's show.
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Don't forget to watch tonight's episode of Medium to see the Terrain. Hopefully it will get some good air time, and not just a quick background shot, but anything is good. Hopefully this will be Allison's new car, and that old Volvo she's been driving since the beginning of the series will go away, it's SO old.

EDIT: The Terrain will be in several scenes, it appears. The episode is named "New Terrain", and GMC is the sponser of this show, and maybe coming shows, but anyway should be good coverage. In description, the episode is about Allison (main character )getting a GMC Terrain for a rental vehicle, and it "talks" to her, or she hears people's conversations, something like that. Should be good, be sure to watch it tonight.
8) Terrain on the show last night did not disappoint! The black beauty even had a speaking part! It is an awesome 4-person vehicle with lots of cargo carrying capacity and flexibility. I don't know what else will be out there to consider when our Enclave goes off lease in 18 months, but Terrain is at the top of the list right now, since we need to downsize about that time.

Ellen De gave one away to a Happy Soul on her Xmas show...........
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