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Re: Recalls Completed: NAV System, Power Steering Sleeve Insp & Defroster

sjhanlon said:
So I was on the phone with GM Canada about the "Windshield Washer Warning Warning not working/existing" and the woman tell me that there are 5 outstanding recalls for my Terrain. I had actually gotten a letter in the mail this morning telling me about the rear defroster one and called the dealership to make the apt for the 10th. Anyway - I call back the dealership and the rep says "Holy Cow! There was 1 recall there when I looked this morning - now there are 4 more".

1) Well known defroster, etc issue
2) Fuel Tank Vent Jumper (needs to order parts)
3) Transmission Calibrate
4) Navigation System Upgrade
5) Power Steering Line Sleve

I had heard of #1, #4 but have not heard of the others?
You have the 4-banger, right? I haven't heard of any transmission programming upgrades for the 6 yet.
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