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We brought the Terrain in yesterday morning and received it just after noon.
Info below is from the invoice.


Cause: 09333
Part #: 20941961 Hose

as per recall code (110FF)

Not sure of the details, will see if we can dig up some more info on this.
We never noticed a gasoline smell in the garage, but safety first!

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SnowItch said:

Do you know why this "recall" isn't listed on any of the official "recall" sites?

Seems that there are different levels of "recalls". Do they base it on the number of cars affected? Safety level (it would seem that a gas leak would be pretty significant from a safety factor). Anyone have any idea how the decision gets made to do a recall?
SnowItch, honestly, it's all NY_Joe's fault LOL!
We noticed the post from NY_Joe about the gas smell.
Of course as luck would have it, the wife overfilled the tank a little the same day I noticed the post.
I also checked the oil and in doing so, got some on my fingers when wiping the dipstick clean.
Of course I smelled gas on my fingers and did it a few more times with the same result and a little "panic" set in.
E-mailed the dealer ( I wanted an oil change as well, which they talked me out of, BTW...5000kM, about 3000miles) and he suggested to bring it by.
They're not more than 3 miles from our house and I needed to swap some headphones as well.
Long story short (guess it's too late for that hahaha) there was the recall notice.

Now I remember from days of yore "silent recalls" where GM fixes something only if a Customer asks them to, i.e. if you don't know about it and it's not affecting the vehicles performance, you won't receive a recall notice in the mail.
Whether this is the case here, I honestly don't know.
Maybe one of the sponsors can chime in?
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