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Terrain Pet Barrier?

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I am new here, as I just got my 2011 Terrain SLE2 in Mocha Steel Metallic. I love it, and I love my two dogs. One being a 65 lb Boxer Mix and the other being a 60 lb Pit Bull. Needless to say I would like to get something to keep them in the back cargo area on the Weathertech Cargo Mat I bought. Does anyone have a Pet Barrier that they use that works in a Terrain? I know theres universal ones but I thought I would check if anyone has any experiences with them and / or has one that works great or whatnot.

Sadie, Juniper and I thank you


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Hi, I see no one replied, But we just got a new Equinox and have a Pup that travels with us too. Were you able to find out what you were looking for? In our other cars, she has a cover for the back seat, but most of the time the Pup sits in the passenger seat. We aren't sure if we are going to do that with this car and might just limit her to the back seat. (We have the cloth seats and think her claws will probably not be agreeable with the perforated fabric stuff)

What did you end up doing or using for your Dogs?

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