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Terrain Financing...

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They really need to offer 0% financing for the Terrain. That's the only thing that's holding me back from buying this car (because it is more expensive than it should be). Every dealership and their mother are offering 0% financing for almost all their vehicles currently...

I hope they do it! If not I'm probably gonna go with a rav4.
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Go to a credit union or use PenFed. Both offer really low rates compared to regular banks and I know that Penfed is at 3.9% right now.

Also, 0% is used to move vehicles. That doesnt need to happen on the Terrain/Nox because they sell themselves.
Ok, all good points. It's really just a money issue for me at the moment. Just looking for the best deals, but I keep getting torn and wanting the Terrain, although it might be steep for me. I'll check out credit union or PenFed. Thanks!
I'd be able to get the FWD model. I'd really like to get AWD though...

I'm sure it's still decent in the snow with FWD. Does anyone know?
I used PenFed to finance my Terrain (3.9%) and I got GM Supplier pricing too, They have (had?) a program that extends supplier pricing to all US credit union members and I got all the normal rebates too. It just costs $20 to join PenFed if you or a family member isn't in the military.
I am going to get 3.2 % through my credit union I also think B/O/A is offereing 3.2 last time i checked..
I can't get a friggen loan anywhere! Apparently I don't have enough credit "history". My score is excellent, just not enough history. I've already tried BOA and Capital One.

And for the credit either have to work for the Union, or be related to someone in the Union, so that won't work for me either.
ekrengel said:
And for the credit either have to work for the Union, or be related to someone in the Union, so that won't work for me either.
Not true at all. We are members of a city credit union where all you have to do is live in the county. There are plenty of of credit unions out there.

Also, BoA and Cap One are rip off artists.

Try Penfed or a local credit union. You will get financing somewhere. Trust me.
I called this local credit union near me, and they said I have to work or be related to someone in the union.

I'm going to give Penfed a call and see what they say...

They told me if I'm not related to or working for the Union/Military, I have to join the National Military Family Association for a one time fee of $25 to be eligible to apply for an auto loan at PenFed.
Have you actually gone to a dealer and tried to purchase? Those people can move mountains when it comes to financing.
Sounds like your trying to bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic if you can't afford a new one buy a used one and work your way up to the new one. Buy used in your price range pay it off sooner than the loan and your credit should improve enough to get the loan for thee new one.

(Guys, this is a really old thread.)
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