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Terrain A/C problem

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Right now it's blistering hot in the St. Louis area. Yesterday we were on the highway keeping nice and cool with the A/C set on recycle cabin air. All of a sudden, the air got warm and humid and stayed that way for couple of miles. I punched the button to admit outside air and then punched it to go back to recirculate and it started cooling again. We drove another 20 miles, stopped and visited and was returning home when the crazy thing repeated the problem in the same place it did while we were going. It did it again today and after taking it off recirculating and pushing the button again it started putting out cool air again. Both days the outside air temp was 100 deg. Is this something it does to "rest" for a minute or is something going haywire?
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Just a guess but it sounds like an "iced up" condenser. That is a phenomenon where it's so hot and humid out and you are in recycle mode , so that only very cool air (vs hot outer air) is being cycled. On the fully blue (cold) setting the condenser can actually ice up and block the flowing air from cooling off the freon. Especially @ low driving speeds.

In temps over 90*, try turning up the blue temp setting just a little, and/or use the 2nd or 3rd fan speed or higher, only in the normal mode (not recirculate.) I never use my auto A/C at max cold setting AND lowest fan speed. If I'm right, problem solved. I've had this happen on both my cars and home window A/C units.

Good luck!

Had the same thing happen to me and I took it in Friday.
They changed the temp sensor on the evaporator.
So far so good and it does seem to be blowing colder air then it has been.
It was not cooling real well when the outside air was over 100* and now it cooling down a lot faster. :beer:
I had the blower up high. It's auto temp control and I had it set for 70. It's worth trying and if it happens again I'll be dealer bound with it.
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