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Stereo Upgrade - Aftermarket

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Have had my Nox for 3 months and am not happy with the sound system that I have. I bought while it was in transit so no upgrade option in it. Looks like the center in dash section where all the controls are would be impossible to replace with a decent aftermarket unit . Maybe the updrade of Pioneer might work but I am sure the dealer would want way more than I want to spend. So, I am going to see if I can put better speakers in but need some info/ideas on what might work.
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You read my mind. I'm trying to find a way to put in an in-dash unit that connects an iphone in landscape mode. Something that costs less than the $2K they wanted for the Nav...

As for the speakers, they could probably do with an upgrade. Specifically adding a subwoofer larger than the stock 8" (oyvey). That being said, have you tried playing with the equalizer and Fade/Balance settings? The right mixing can be a simple fix.
One of the great things about GM products is the similarity of parts between a LOT of cars. So, there should already be a 3rd party stereo mounting kit for your needs. Check with a local stereo install shop, they'll know.
SuperMat64 said:

i contacted metra they say they don't have one, that part number comes up on their website however
but it doesn't look correct to me
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