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I just recently purchased a 2011 Chevy Equinox LS. I was detailing it the other day and noticed that the amplifier wasnt working with the stereo. My sister has the same exact year, make, and the LT model and hers is working.

I'm wondering:

Is there something I'm doing wrong with the stereo?
Can I just buy another amp and swap it out and it work?
And where exactly is the amplifier located. It isnt with the sub. I've pulled the inside quaterpanel out already and speaker.
I really dont want to bypass and put in an aftermarket amplifier.

Also, I seem to be able to sync my bluetooth to the vehicle for call audio. I want to bluetooth it to vehicle for streaming music as well.

Is there a way to troubleshoot?
It wont allow me to sync for music streaming.
Do i need to add more stuff?
Call I swap something out?
Am I doing something wrong?

I'm wanting to disconnect the battery and reset the system but I dont think it would do any good.

I tried the same on my sisters car and only her call audio works as well. No music streaming.
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