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2014 Chevy Equinox 2LT FWD 2.4L
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Hey all, thanks for clicking on this thread. I just have a quick question.

I have my baby, a '14 2LT Equinox, with the tiny 2.4L.

I recently drove my friends '20 Trax, (felt like I was gonna tip from the wind lol) and noticed the steering wheel controls on the trax were noticeably similar, especially in the shape of the physical control.

The only big difference I noticed was that the main button/toggle switch in the center (controls source on press, and forward/backwards on up/down) stuck out a little bit outwards where as mine is just flat.

I am a very detail/function oriented person when it comes to my car, and the flat source control switch is kind of annoying and bothersome, especially when you have slightly sweaty hands, or if it is cold out.

Looking at pictures, they are, to my eyes, the same shape. Top is the Trax, bottom is my Nox.


My question is:
If I were to purchase the wheel control for the Trax, would it just be a plug and play with the nox?
(I understand I would have to disassemble the steering wheel, I am not a stranger to stripping stuff off of my car.)

I would try to take the actual switch unit out of the Trax trim piece and put it into the other trim piece, as I would bet money that the size/layout of the trim is different between the year/model.

Thanks all for reading and replying!


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Unless you actually try it it's hard to say if it will fit.
I have a 2014 Equinox LTZ and a 2018 Encore, the three switch group is slightly larger on the Nox.
You could check with a GM parts source to see if the two switches have the same part number.
Also a wiring diagram for the two switches would tell you if that part of it would interchange.
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