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After shopping for 3 weeks we went to dealer Dec 5th, he had my wife an SLT1 AWD on Dec 7th. Settled for Merlot instead of Cyber Grey, Driver only power seat instead of both power seats with memory. But did get the auto lift gate.

I drove for the first time last night and went into a series of downhill "S" curves a little to fast and under icy conditions. Was I ever surprised how the StabiliTrak powered down and the ABS helped to bring it back under control. Had the adreniline going for a while.

The Auto liftgate is great; we have a low garage ceiling and programmed the lift gate to stop before it hits the garage door in the raised position. That paid for it self by saving the liftgate paint and a replacement garage door panel.

If I had planned on keeping XM I would have preferred the radio with memory, but a have a Sirius portable and it is cheaper than XM. Like the USB, put a 4G jump drive in and hid random play. Better than XM or Sirius

Don't like 12v plugs powering down and could use at least 1 more in drivers area.

And I, too, am not a fan of the red lighting. Liked the 'Nox blue lighting. But, hey, it's her car and she doesn’t mind.
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