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SRX Poor Performance Reviews - is it that bad?

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So just how bad is this powertrain anyway? It's seconds slower than it's competition, with a transmission that is reported to have trouble finding the right gear for the situation. It ranks dead last in test after test against Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo for driving pleasure. Is the buyer of this model just not interested in performance, or just don't care?

What I really cannot understand is the same drivetrain is available in the Terrain and Equinox but doesn't get the critical reviews. In fact, Car & Driver rates the 'nox as an 'editors choice'.

I've driven both, really like the Cadillac, and would like to buy one, but haven't spent enough time behind the wheel to notice the bad traits the professional reviewers find. Just a bit slow would be one thing, but poor shifting and inconsistent power delivery is another.

I drove the 4-cyl Terrain, did not like it. Vibrates at idle especially with the AC on. The 6cyl is much smoother, worth the extra to me just for its smoothness, as the performance was not that much better.

I also drove the MBZ GLK350 and found it to be a fantastic car to drive. It's a bit funky and small though, just about the same money as the SRX. And Equinox with a six and options is about 8 grand less than the SRX.

Looking for feedback and discussion to help me decide.
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the buyer/market of the srx is the 45+ BUY AMERICAN mentality.....if you can afford the SRX, id sooner buy a audi/volvo.....

caddy should be putting out a MUCH better product IMO.....
Two of the people my wife works with drive 2010 SRXs
One of the two is a guy who also drives a Porsche 911 and a Serria Denali.
The other is a lady whos only other vehicle is a Mercedes SL.
Neither one of them pay much attenetion to car reviews, they buy what they like.
We considered one but for our money a lower-mid level V6 Terrain made much more sense.
You have to keep in mind that the last 10 years or so, Cadillac has been billing themselves as a "luxury performance" division with an emphasis on performance lately. I guess reviewers (and some buyers) are expecting the SRX to blow every small/mid-size SUV off the road....but that's not what this platform is about. You can get a turbo 4cyl in the SRX that you can't in the Nox/Terrain. In any case, no other Caddy will get teh kind of gas mileage you can get from an SRX with either engine..
Have you cross-shopped the 2011 Lincoln MKX? I would much rather the Lincoln than the SRX.
You also have to consider the asking price...are these Audi's, BMW's, Mercedes and Volvo's all in the same price range as a comparably equipped SRX? For example, I love the new Jeep Grand Cherokee even more than my Equinox...but the base price for one starts out at near fully loaded Nox LTZ levels, and the cost of owning one would be higher with the reduced gas mileage. If cost isn't really an object, then just go with whatever you like best regardless of reviews.
I also read those reviews but purchased a 2011 SRX anyway. I traded in a 2008 DTS with V8. The SRX is a couple of tics slower but my wife and I love this car. For 2011 the software that controls the transmission/engine was recalibrated to increase acceleration. I don't have any problems with high speed traffic merges, etc. and still get decent gas mileage. With 750 miles so far I average 19.5 mpg with a 50/50 combo of city/highway driving.
I almost bought a Nox, loaded LTZ for $36K. Missed it by 20 minutes. Money was not an issue this year (thank God) so we then got nthe car we loved the looks/features of most.........the SRX. It has many featurs unavail on Nox/Rain: side signal lites,moveable gas & brake pedals,extra sound deadening, auto adjusting shocks, HID headlites and more. so we got it. But @ 8K more $$ ( $900 just for the metalic paint!)

We loved the power and ride of the LTZ Nox even w/ the 19" tires! Good luck deciding!

I've driven faster vehicles but I am fine in the SRX. Its a lovely vehicle and I enjoy the ride and the way it handles. No, it is not a land rocket but I have plenty of passing power. You also have the sport mode if you want some more kick.

If you can wait, and you want the SRX, you might wait until the 2012s come out. The engine is being changed to a 3.6L.

All in all, I love my SRX.
well said. I'd get the 2011 Turbo now if you couldn't wait till June of 2011 to order a 2012. If $$ is secondary you'll have the best of everything!

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