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So...ordering a GM Theta?

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Did y'all order your vehicle simply because the options weren't available at nearby dealers?

What are some of the disadvantages to doing this instead of compromising? (I "built" a Terrain on the GMC website with 0 hits in the DFW or Houston areas).

I'm under the impression that it's harder to negotiate when you're ordering from factory instead of helping a dealer clear inventory.

And how does ordering from factory work when dealing with internet salespeople?
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You answered your own's harder to negotiate on price when making a special order since the dealer doesn't get the same kind of discount versus making an order of several at a time. The advantage is that you get exactly the color/options that you long as you order one of the higher trim levels. For example: you can't order a base LS with options such as foglights, nav and leather....and I believe there are restrictions on the LT1 as well. If you have a good dealership that values your business...they will do the legwork and find a dealership somewhere within reasonable driving distance that has what you want...and do a swap with them.

Also, the biggest disadvantage of special ordering is that you may have to wait weeks or even months before you actually take possession.
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Options weren't right for us. Now if I wanted Merlot/brownstone combo there is one nearby I am sure the dealer would be happy to get rid of as it has been sitting there for more then 2 months now.
Thanks for the quick responses!

So perhaps one can negotiate a better price on a factory order if you put more money down?
I just emailed all the dealers in the area what I wanted to order, and a realistic out the door price. One went for it and it was the smoothest vehicle purchase I have ever done.
One thing on ordering, depending on your dealers allocation you could wait quite a while for order to go through.
bigmaestro said:
Thanks for the quick responses!

So perhaps one can negotiate a better price on a factory order if you put more money down?
Money you put down makes the loan smaller, if the loan is smaller the bank pays the dealer a smaller finance reserve, a smaller finance reserve means the dealer makes less profit on the backend of the deal.
If the dealership is going to make less off the bank for the financing, where is their incentive to also make less off of you on the vehicle as well?
The first car that I special ordered , it came through without a hitch, the first time. It turned out to be one of the best car I ever owned. That was a long time ago. The next time I did it, a VW no less, it came through just as I wanted, but the car was a disappointment with quality issues. The third time, a Chrysler product came through with the wrong engine.. I reodered the car and it came through with the wrong interior. That was the last time I did a special order. I was able to go next door to a Pontiac dealership to find a duplicate of what the Chrysler was to be right on the lot. ( It was the last time I ever looked at a Chrysler product) The next few new cars I found were cars on the lot with what I wanted.

My current car, an 06 HHR, I found on the lot with what I had been priceing out on line, so I bougt it. Currently I'm researching for its replacement. The NOX and Terrain are two that I'm looking at, but there have been limited numbers on the lots that have what I want and the dealers are reluctant to "deal" on these model. I'm also looking at some of the Korean cars as their prices are considerably lower than either the NOX and Terrain, plus their MPG claims seem to be obtainable. The comments on MPG for the NOX and Terrain seem to not meet the EPA claims by just about all the owners who post of this forum. Maybe I expect too much, but the gas mileage for my cars has been better than the EPA ratings for the past twenty five years.
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This is the first brand new vehicle I've bought and because of that I wasn't willing to compromise on color or options. I knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn't want, anything else wasn't good enough. So I factory ordered. I haven't recieved my vehicle yet (status code 3300), but the ordering process was easy.

I'm in Afghanistan now and I simply emailed my dealer, telling him exactly what I wanted and the discounts I was eligible for (GM Military and USAA). At first he tried to tell me I couldn't combine them, but I quickly showed him where it says I can. Other than that the process is going very smooth so far.

Every used car I've bought it has taken a couple months before it feels like mine. This one feels like it already is!
SS#1531 said:
I'm in Afghanistan now
Thank you for your service (from a Vet)...and stay safe
Thank you for your service (from a Vet)...and stay safe
Thanks. What service were you in? Air Force here.
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