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2011 Terrain. I have a little less than 500 miles on it and have a noticed a few things I would like to see on it. I know they have been mentioned before.

I have the Nav system and love it but I think for the price the maps could be more detailed, maybe even a satellite view. I think the fast forward on the radio, when listening to files on the hard drive should be a true fast forward, not the slow thing that is provided.

I see no reason that the back up camera should not be available on demand, not just when the gear is in reverse. I find it very handy but also would like to use it when I wish and not just in reverse.

I think the ability to play DVD's is very nice but I also think it would be nice to be able to load avi or some other video format onto the hard drive if I wish to watch at my leisure.

I also screwed up by not ordering the power liftgate. What moron. :(

That lousy fast forward really bugs me. No reason for it and it is a pain when listening to 2 hour podcasts.

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