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smallest rim diameter possible on 2011 terrain??

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just got our new 2011 slt2 terrain awd 4 banger w/18" wheels and rear dvd, a couple weeks and 1500Km ago... Jumping the gun on this one, but figured I'd start some research and get my ducks in a row for winter (still a long way away! thank god!)

Does anyone know what the smallest diameter of steel wheel could be fit on the terrain for winter duty? I would prefer to stick with say 16" or even 15" if possible, as tire prices woud probably be much more favourable. I will probably look to run Hakkapalitas as that is what we run on our civic and love them.... I imagine the major limiting factor would be the size of the brakes.... once I know what the smallest rims possible, then I will be able to check out tire sizes... I will probably look for a size that has the closest diameter to the 18's that are on it, but probably a size or 2 narrower as well....

thanks in advance
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I went through the same exercise before getting snows, and, although I didn't actually try to mount different wheels, I was told by several dealers and TireRack that the smallest you could fit over the calipers was a 17" wheel. I, also, wanted to go with the smallest rim, and tallest tire for best snow operation, but was disappointed in my findings.

I agree that 17" is likely the smallest you can go. There's not much clearance between the front calipers and the inside of the factory 17" aluminums. Steel wheels, as I'm sure you already know, are made of thinner material - so maybe you could sneak a 16" on there. I'd "definitely try before you buy".

If you can wait, I might be able to definitively answer your question. I'll be outfitting my Terrain for winter as well, and I also want to downsize from the factory 18's. I've got some 16's laying around in aluminum (plus a 16" steel spare) that I plan on trying at some point. The bolt pattern is 5x4.75" on these wheels - not an exact fit for the Terrain 5x120mm, but close enough for a test fitting.
You CAN go smaller rims; if you increase the tire size and move them out and make a real vehicle out of it.

And you can't forget the manhood extrension... :thumb:


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Funniest thing I've seen all week. Thanks I needed that :rofl:
That is funny drummerjohn maybe that could be a z71 option for 2012's for us ********. :beer:
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