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I was wondering whether this is possible in the older nox...

A second engine, preferably electrical which would run instead of the main engine. also the second engine can be switched to the main engine any time. This might be possible because of the large space available near the front of the car.
I am hoping that this can be used to create a hybrid nox. ;D

Any ideas whether this would be possible??
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It's called a Hybrid; they've been around for almost 15 years now...

Putting one in an older Equinox? Yikes. As bad as the old Equinox was, I couldn't imagine how you would fathom justifying that... Engine compartments are usually pretty tight, so anything major like that would be a huge retrofit, to say the very least. Out of curiosity, what on earth would be the point of said project?
I was not going to undertake the project since it is too complicated. I was just wondering this would actually be a feasible project in someone's garage. we know the older nox are not fuel sippers... but if this is possible without major retrofit, there is a good chance to make it a hybrid..
there are plenty of companies that will retrofit a hybrid system into any car or truck...for a price of course (20k+) cause it is that complicated....ecu hacking, tons of relays (how would components function without the engine running) not to mention gutting the whole car for wiring....theres a lot more, then throwing 3 batteries in the back....

if this is possible without major retrofit, there is a good chance to make it a hybrid..
this quote cracks me up...... how you gonna get the power your second engine puts out to the wheels? it s a mjor retro fit....
I would think it would be easier to put Chevy body panels on a Saturn Vue Green Line then it would be to stick Saturn's hybrid driveline components into an Equinox.
Retrofitting a non hybrid to hybrid is not something for a shadetree mechanic to do on a weekend. The Nox platform could easily handle a hybrid powertrain...but retrofitting would mean ditching your V6 for a small 4cyl, smaller than the current 2.4L Ecotoec to make room for the electric motor and associated hardware. Even if you did have the tools and knowledge to do it right..I think the cost alone would be enough to scare you straight. :eek:
Can you say COST PROHIBITIVE??????????????
RSchleder said:
Can you say COST PROHIBITIVE??????????????
Cosh...cosp..cost I cant! ;D ;D ;D
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