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Roof Rack Rails

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I am researching a few vehicles to purchase soon, I have noticed that the length of the roof rails look really short. I need a system that will safely carry 17'-18' Sea kayaks or a 17' canoe. I would be using a Yakima system. The bar seperation looks like it would be scary to carry a long boat up there. Does anyone know if GM sells longer roof rails or is there any aftermarket rails that are available to replace the stockers. The same problem exist with the new 2010 Subaru Outback and is one of the reasons I am looking at other vehicles.
Thanks for any feedback!
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Try a search. There are pictures too. You may have trouble opening the liftgate while carrying a long load because of the rearward placement of the roof rack.
I have seen the pictures of the stock roof rack and it looks like somebody cut it in half. I don`t care about the rear hatch opening with the boats on top, I deal with that on my 2006 Outback. I just want to be able to safely carry my boats and the stock roof rack looks to short.
I sure wish the manufacturers would put real roof racks on there cars. My 2006 Outback is great, but I need to add a new vehicle and I can`t find a new car that has a good stock rail system.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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