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Ride Control - and MY experience

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I unfortunately got to test the ride control last week. With my wife and daughter in the 'Nox with me, it was late at night on an unlit hiway. Going about 70mph, I blinked away from the road for a split second, and when I looked up there was a large white bag in the middle of my lane. I had just enough time to jerk the stearing wheel and miss the bag, with who knows what it in. The 'Nox shook violently to the side as it held the road like a sports car. The swerve looked just like the one near the end of this video. Only a lot faster! Ask quickly as I moved out of my current lane, which fortuantely nobody else near me, I moved back in order to counter any bad kenetic energy. After it was all over I was completely amazed at how well the 'Nox handled the event. As tall as it is, I was in shock that we were not flipping head over heels down the road. Kudos to GM for making such a safe vehicle!

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Thanks for sharing Narg, glad you're all safe and thanks GM engineers!
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