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Ride & Comfort Quality- 2010 Terrain SLT-1 vs 2010 Ford Edge SEL or Sport??

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I am curious whether anyone who assessed the Crossover market & did some unbiased comparison driving, managed to drive a '10 Terrain at the SLT-1 V6, AWD, leather seats spec level, & also a '10 Ford Edge V6, AWD, leather?

In particular, assessment of relative ride comfort & cabin noise.

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i was in an 09 edge...hated the interior....rode ok...nothing special.....
After having to wait much longer than expected for my Terrain I got discouraged and went and test drove an Edge SEL. Drove okay, but not near the vehicle the Terrain is. Decided to keep waiting for the Terrain and glad i did.
Can't comment on the 2010 Edge or Terrain....but I did test drive an 09 Edge before I bought my 2010 Equinox. The Edge wasn't bad at all, comfortable with decent power and ride....but it didn't handle as well as the Nox and I didn't like the exterior/interior styling as much. As far as cabin noise, I didn't notice the Edge being particularly noisy....but i did notice that the Nox was one of the quietest vehicles I have ever been quiet in fact that tire noise seems exaggerated since there is so little noise elsewhere to drown it out.
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