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Excuse my ignorance as I am new to this forum and the Equinox. My father in-law needs help replacing his A/C condenser as we found a leak in the front of it the other day. System won't hold 134a and ran some dye to find the leak right in the middle/bottom of the front of the condensor. Have a new one on the way and will be installing it this weekend and then pulling a vac and recharging the system. Couple of questions:

1) I have done several A/C's so I'm not new to them just to this design. It looks as if the Accum/Dryer is built into the Condenser, how do you add PAG oil to the Accumulator as you do prior to install on most systems? Also, how much pag oil and what type does the whole system hold? I'll be adding just a little as the compressor is staying.

2) How do you get this thing out? Remove the whole front bumper/facia? Most that I have done lift out the top when you remove the radiator shroud, however this one is recessed under the upperframe rail.

Any insight is much appreciated and thanks for your help.

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