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Remove front license plate screws

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Hey, I have an Onyx Black 2010 GMC Terrain SLE-2. I am trying to get the front plate to come off but it requires a particular tool to remove the plastic bolts, any idea where I can find that tool at? Pep Boys didn't know...
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this is the special tool i used:


it was kinda scary, and yes, i did break a drill bit and take a chunk of my calf with it. but hey, no pain no gain.

i just need to get around to finding some plugs for the holes now...don't feel like dishing out 60 bucks to
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i used a 3/16" drill bit to drill them out. then i used a screw driver to clearance the foam behind the bumper cover and inserted these babies i bought from lowes for $0.80 for a pack of 2.


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