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Red line for the I4?

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I've got 9800 miles on our Terrain I4 FWD and I usually use the ECO mode except when merging onto the expressway like I did today. I had to run it up to 65 to merge in and I noticed the tach was between 5k and 6k so I backed it down and let it shift. My question is since I there is no red line on the tach, what's a safe range to excelerate it up to while merging.

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It is computer regulated so it will never exceed it's running range
Rev limiter, so I don't have to worry?
Rich said:
Rev limiter, so I don't have to worry?
According to the spec sheet GM has on their media site, the LAF engine has a max engine speed of 7000rpm and is computer protected there.
IIRC, I think its 7000 for the Ecotec.

Dang, beat me to it. ;D
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