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Rear camera on while regular driving?

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Is it possible? That'd be cool, being able to see the cars behind you. It would also help us when changing lanes...
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Hi darren, can you help me ? i need to find a hot wire in the upper console that become a ground when the car turned of...

darrell said:
i currently have a radar detector hard wired off the rearview mirror. hot to pin 13 pink, ground to pin 8 blk/wh. the camera could be turned on by using a switch from pin 13 to pin 9 grn/wh. for safety concerns for the circuits, i would put diodes in as well.
------grn/wh----diode-->|------------------------- |16|8|
(unplugged from pin 9) - |15|7|
--------pin 9 |14|6|--
- |13|5| | conn pinout
------pin 13 pink--switch---diode->|--------------- pass side |12|4| | driver side
|9 |1|
these colors are for 2011 terrain slt2, nox is probably the same ------
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