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I am experiencing an annoying and oftentimes LOUD rattling/clicking sound from the dash of my 2020 Terrain. I originally thought it was coming from the defrost vent in the dash, but now it sounds like it's coming from closer to the passenger side door. It keeps getting louder and louder. My OCD cannot handle it anymore, and the dealership has been no help! I have linked a video of a few clips I took while driving. The sound quality is not the best, but I believe you can hear the rattle over the road noise.

If you press on any of the trim surrounding the vents or the info screen, does the vibration stop? If so, you may just need to wedge a small piece of felt in to the gaps around the piece. It can be a try and repeat kind of process, but rewarding once you isolate the noise and stop it with a simple piece of felt.

Dealers absolutely hate dealing with these types of noises. I had a dealer once tell me they wouldn't work on my new car with a dash rattle for fear they would cause more noises trying to fix the one I had. I always try to deal with these noises myself with felt, or foam, or other soft materials that are barely noticeable.
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