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Question about the Terains OTHER 19" chrome wheels.. kinda confused

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I was on the website and I came across these (you will have to click accessories on the right the link dosent take you right to it for some reason ) Ive never seen these before, now my questions are, if you have the 18s will they allow you to get these and also will they re callibrate your speedometer because according to the tire size calculator there is more then a 3% difference between the tire that comes on the 18 and the tire that comes on the 19.
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I think the only requirement for the 19" wheels is that you have a V6 with FWD....and if it's installed at the dealership they should make any speedo changes. (if any are needed)

so long as you pay, they will recalibrate.....
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wat if it was aftermarket non GMC rims, would they recalibrate it do you think??
You dont need to recalibrate it if you get the right tire size. The problem, the right tire size is a rare breed and costs significantly more money.

As for the dealer changing it, they can and they will charge you for it. Probably 2 hours of labor and some other bogus charges as well.
Ive have driven the one with the Optional Wheels and hoenstly, It makes the ride alot harsher and you can definitely tell a difference in the acceleration. Also, the price for them is ridiculous....


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You need to make sure you have the right axle ratio, for the terrain there is 2.77 and 3.23. Tire circumference is just one aspect.
IMO Those wheels are so expensive you can buy other brand better, lighter, nicer for less..
I have a 2011 Terrain SLT1. Only had it for three days and it is all that I could have wanted. I had the dealer upgrade my vehicle to the 19" chrome wheels you are talking about. They did calibrate them without a fee. These wheels are a lot nicer than the chrome-clad wheels. They also purchased the 18" that came on the vehicle back from me for $500.00. I have the 4 cylinder with the chrome package,sunroof, everything except navigation, towing, and dvd rear entertainment.
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