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Question About iPod Play, & Rear DVD Audio

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Hi all,
hope to be getting my new Terrain this week and just had two questions for now.

First, my brother-in-law has the new NOX and was telling me that when he plays a full album it plays the songs in alpha order, not by the track listing order. Is that true? If so, can it be changed?

Second, are you able to plug in headphones to the rear DVD system? I'm worried my 3 year old might break the wireless ones (are they covered under warranty by the way?) and my wife and I don't want to put the DVD on the car speakers as Handy Manny will drive me insane.

Thanks in advance!
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That solves one question, thanks!!!
As far as your first question, I brought up the same subject in this thread

From doing some testing it appears be related to iPod being used (of possibly the firmware). I have tried three different iPod/iPhone combinations and here are the results so far:

iPod Video (5th Generation) - Albums in Alphabetical Order
2nd Generation Nano - Alphabetical Order
iPhone 3GS - Album Order

As I soon as I can, I have a 2nd Generation iPod Touch I want to try. But I can't figure out what could be causing this issue on some (likely older) iPods.
Hmm, I have an iPhone but I didn't plan on using that connected tithe USB. Instead I was hoping I could use my 160GB iPod Classic. I'm really hoping that it works in album order. I also have an iPod Touch (3G) that I'm wondering how it will work.
Thanks for the help. I'll report back when I get the vehicle. They're going to let me know tomorrow if they can get the one in inventory I found on, if not I have to wait for the April order.
Thanks! I'm hoping so too as the main reason I'm getting this as my other car was written off last week, so I need one quick as my insurance only covers so much for a rental, even though the accident wasn't my fault!

The one in inventory has everything pretty much everything we wanted, SLT-2, V6, AWD, Carbon Black, 19" wheels, Rear DVD, Nav System, well everything except the towing and cargo packages. I'll find out tomorrow if he could track it down. I thought because I put in the Terrain and my postal code that it was my dealer that had it, but it ended up being that it just meant that my dealer has access to it. So fingers crossed! If not, I wait until April.

Either way I'm happy as the dealer got me that $750 GM service card, plus knocked off $2200, plus another $750 for the 'grad rebate' and $1500 for my GM Visa points, plus $13000 for the write off of my poor 2005 Mazda 6 Sport (which was awesome as it was only worth about $7000 in trade!).

So either way, im excited!!

I'll test out both iPod's when I do get it and write it up!
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I have played my IpodTouch(2nd Generation) just a couple times but I believe it plays Albums by tracks no in A order..I am gonna check again tomm..I am beginning to really like the XM much I am forgetting my Ipod..forgetting to try music from a Mem stick..and trying to DL CD's...Love the Pioneer speakers...really pleased so far..

One question out of forum maybe..I have the 18" wheels...What should the PSI be when they are no cold??when ur driving around my all read at 37 PSI...Seem reasonable???
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