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PVD Chrome wheels

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darrell said:
After looking at the process on their website it appears to be the same process used for the factory chrome clad wheels. Maybe they are the ones who supply them to GM.

I have the 19" chrome clad factory wheels and they look great.
Yeah, it looks great, but....their pricing it as high or higher than an after market set of wheels.

Basically, you are paying $750 + $200 (2-way) shipping + $800 (refundable) core charge to have your factory wheels "chromed". Don't get me wrong, I think their process and finished products look cool.

One of the reasons I got rid of my last car was that the chrome on the factory chrome-plated aluminum rims was starting to peel on the beads. This was causing bead leaks and there really wasn't any way to repair the rims because the corrosion had passed through the surface of the aluminum.

I would be willing to drive up there (1 hour, 20 minutes or so), drop off my rims, have the tires (& TPMS) swapped on to the new rims, balanced and mounted...all told for around $700. I based that number on the fact that you can get decent after market rims for that price...and you are still talking about having factory wheels when you are all done.

Again, I am not saying it isn't worth it....just not all of it.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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