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I purchased mine last Mon on Aug, 30th. in Kitchener, Ontario
Got the V6, AWD, LTZ. Upgraded to the 19" wheels and Sunroof. No Nav. It's a 2011 and there is currently an 8-12 week delivery time to be built and all. Hopefully sooner.
MSRP $40,755
Dealer discount $2175 right off the top.

So, $40755 - $2175dealer discount +$400Admion fee +$5075 HST + $20license fee = $44,075

Oh, my wife has a 99 Grand Am. Any discontinued GM product (Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer ect...) you have in your household gets you a $1500 loyalty credit. This is not a trade still get to keep the car!

$42,575 was my grand total with the Loyalty credit.

Oh, don't let the dealer say he can't discount any further..."That would be below are cost" is the bullsh1t lines they'll give you.

My discount was approx 5.5% off msrp....start your negotiations less than that but settle for no less than the $2175 off invoice is proof they can do it with this trim level :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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