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Pressing the compass ICON on the Nav Touch Screen changes views on the display.

Just noticed that today, or maybe tried it before and forgot all about it.

While driving, you can change the way the map looks on the NAV screen.
It rotates though 3 different modes when you press the compass ICON on the NAV touch screen.
TheICON default displays north, with an "N" pointing north all the time.
If you're driving south, the direction of travel arrow points down, if you're going north, the direction of travel arrow points up, etc.

Press the compass ICON once and it will display your direction of travel (i.e. it rotates the entire map each time you turn), press the compass ICON again and it seems to show a lower-angle view for lack of a better term. Press it once again and it goes back to default view.

Also, I tested the accuracy of the NAV when going off route on purpose.
It detects and recalculates within a very short distance of going off route (within meters), displays "off route" on the DIC and gets you on track again no problem.
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