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Possible Head gasket problem???

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Hey guys, new to the forum but looks like this is the place to get answers for the Equinox. I was driving down the road in our 2005 Nox and started to lose power and lots of white smoke was pouring out the tailpipe. Pulled over and checked the oil and it was frothy and milky brown. A while back I noticed the coolant was low (Engine Cool) but hadn't been leaking out so I fille dit to the cool level when the motor was cool and that seemed to be fine. Then today I had this problem. Had it towed to the house and figured it must be a head/Intake gasket or cracked cylinder head, haven't had it overheat in the past that I can remember but the other day was sitting in a drive thru and the coolant temp guage got up close to the H and then the fan kicked in and the needle went down rapidly. This was when I found the coolant to be low.

Any thoughts guys? Thanks for the help.
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andy, welcome. Most folks on this forum have a 2nd gen Equinox or a Terrain so you may not get too many answers. My long time experience with engines would suggest your on the right track when you suggest a problem the head/head gasket. The only way you'll really get the answer is to have the engine top end disassembled to exactly define the problem. It's impossible to trouble shoot this without digging into the engine. Good luck, Ron
Thank you Ron. Yeah it is not a newer version of the Equinox but from the reading I have done it seems the head gaskets are an issue. I just wonder if it is a mating surface issue or just faulty OEM gaskets. I will be pulling the top end of the motor apart like you were saying it's the only way to see if the gasket is an issue or there is a bigger problem, cracked head etc... I have built a few engines from 350 chevys to 345 hemis to seadoos so it's all pretty familiar I was just wondering if anybody had first hand knowledge of this particular problem.

Thanks for the welcome!
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